Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

 What does volunteering involve?
  Who can volunteer? 
  How do I volunteer?  
  If I am volunteering on the day of the event, where do I report?
  Where do I park?
  How do I get to the staging area from the parking lot?   
  What do I do when I arrive at the staging area? 
  What happens after I check in?  
  What do I wear to Fly the Flag High?

1.     What does volunteering involve?         

          At Fly the Flag High, volunteers are the flag bearers, or those who hold            the flags, on the  Master Sergeant Stanley Talbot Bridge (formerly the                    Centennial Bridge) on Flag Day,  June 14.


2.    Who can volunteer? 

          Anyone. At Fly the Flag 2018 volunteers of all ages participated. Families with strollers as well as    individuals and couples have  volunteered. Depending on the 

age and the size of a child, he/she may need to be accompanied by an adult.  


 3.   How do I volunteer?  

            First of all, thanks for thinking about volunteering.  To volunteer:

            a.  Email Karen at [email protected]   OR

            b.  On Flag Day (June 14), volunteers for Fly the Flag High need to report to the staging area at 2nd Street and Gaines Street, Davenport, 

                 IA, between & and 7:25 am 

 4.   Where do I, a volunteer, report the day of the event?

            Volunteers need to report to the staging area at 2nd & Gaines Streets, Davenport, IA.

5.     Where do I park?

            Parking is available at the parking lot at Gaines Street & River Drive.  (The parking lot is west of the Modern Woodmen Park, the home of the

Quad City River Bandits.) 


6.     How do I get to the staging area from the parking lot?          

           Once you have parked, walk north on Gaines Street, cross River Drive,  and continue until you come to the staging area, which is on a dead end.


7.     What do I do when I arrive at the staging area?

            Report to the tables in the staging area.  You will receive your volunteer sticker and will be asked to sign a waiver form. 

8.      What happens after I check in?  

              a.  After a short Opening Ceremony at 7:30 am each volunteer will 

receive a flag and will follow the east pedestrian walkway to the arches or spans of the bridge.

              b.  Committee members will be on the bridge to help volunteers.  

              c.  At 9:00 am, a committee member on the bridge will indicate it is time to return to the staging area.  

              d.  When you return to the staging area, please roll your flag and 

return it to the committee members who handed them out. 


9.     What do I wear to Fly the Flag High?

              Please wear whatever you wish.  Remember, please, that although this time of year may be warm, Fly the Flag High is held early in the morning and high 

above the Mississippi River where it will be windier.  Therefore, it may be chilly.  


10.    May I take coffee or water with me up on the bridge?  

             Yes.  Please, though, bring all trash back down to the staging area to the trash/recycling cans.


Thanks. Hope to see you at this glorious event!