Fly the Flag High, the realization of a childhood dream,

is a Flag Day celebration of our military, our veterans,

and our country, began in 2018. On Flag Day, June 14,

2018, 138 volunteers - from a ten year old Boy Scout to an

eighty year old Korean War veteran - held fluttering U.S.

flags from the Master Sergeant Stanley Talbot

Memorial Bridge from 8 am to 9 am.


In the late 1960's, Walter Cronkite nightly reported

bombings, like Laos and Cambodia, during the Vietnam War.

Karen Buchanan, a young child watching the frightening

news. peppered her parents with questions like, "If we

can bomb them, how come they can't bomb us?"

Her parents reassured her that our country had

numerous safeguards in place. One of these, however,

puzzled Karen. People, literally strangers, would sacrifice

their lives for her? This realization started Karen's lifelong

respect and appreciation for our military and our veterans.

She vowed to herself that some day she would make that

respect and appreciation known.

In 2017, next to her at a traffic light were some young

kids cruising and drinking soda while a flag fluttered from

their rear view mirror. Karen began to daydream about

her youth and her cruising days when an idea clicked.

She knew how she wanted to celebrate our military, our

veterans, and our country. She would begin a grass roots

campaign to start a celebration for Flag Day.

With the help of veteran Mark McQuate, an idea for a Flag

Day celebration was born. Flags will fly high from

the Master Sergeant Stanley Talbot Memorial Bridge

(formerly the Centennial Bridge) from 8 am to 9 am

on Flag Day, June 14.

In November 2017, a dedicated committee was formed

to plan Fly the Flag High. Seven months later, after numerous

meetings at the Davenport American Legion, the first

Fly the Flag High was held on Flag Day, June 14, 2018.

Through the goodness of many fine citizens,

the event was a success. 

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  * The Patriot Guard and the Quad-City AM

and Noon Optimist Clubs provided U.S.

flags, which 138 volunteers proudly

held high above the mighty

Mississippi River. 

* Modern Woodmen authorized paid community

hours so their employees could vol​unteer

at Fly the Flag High.

* Modern Woodmen Park opened the doors

of the ballpark so the third base seats

could be used by spectators. 

* Davenport American Legion and Auxiliary

provided a place to meet to plan

the event.

* Wal-Mart helped provide refreshments

for our volunteers.

* The Illinois Department of Transportation

granted permission for the use of the Master

Sergeant Stanley Talbot Memorial Bridge.

* The City of Rock Island approved the permit

to have Fly the Flag.

* The City of Davenport approved the use

of the city parking lot at River Drive

and Gaines Street.

Now this majestic celebration has become an annual Flag Day event.

Please join us and bring a friend or two.

Visit the Volunteering page for more information.

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